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“Bamboo Cookies” Launched In Tripura To Boost Immunity, Provide Income

“Bamboo Cookies” Launched In Tripura To Boost Immunity, Provide Income

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb launches the bamboo cookies product


At a time when there is a global buzz over bamboo shoot being one of the cheapest immune boosters, Tripura has launched innovative “bamboo cookies”. The state is trying to popularise it since Tripura is one of the best quality bamboo producers in the country.

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb launched the “bamboo cookies” and bamboo-made honey bottles on the occasion of International Bamboo Day on Friday. The state is coming up with a plan for marketing the cookies across the north-east and other parts of the country, government sources said.

The bamboo cookies are the brainchild of the Bamboo and Cane Development Institute (BCDI) in the state. The cookies have been made of the shoot of a thin variety of bamboo locally called muli. It is rich in nutrients, mainly proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and fibre and are low in fat and sugar.

“The bamboo cookies have the capacity to empower rural people. Since the government is focussed on providing self-reliant platforms to young people in Tripura, these initiatives will encourage more people to choose innovative ways of doing trade,” Mr Deb told reporters.

The state government wants to pitch bamboo products as additional income among locals, particularly tribes, government sources said.

Tripura has also launched bamboo bottles, which can be used to store locally produced honey. The idea is to promote both local honey and the bamboo bottle, sources said.

The Bamboo and Cane Development Institute had earlier launched bamboo-covered water bottles and they got good response across the country. It was featured in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s weekly address Mann Ki Baat.

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